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Most dangerous acid

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Most dangerous acid

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Chemicals are literally everywhere you look. While most are completely benign, or even vital to lifeothers will quickly relieve you of yours. We'll explore some of the most dangerous chemicals you'll, erotic kristen, never cross paths with during your life.

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Fluoroantimonic acid - wikipedia

dajgerous VX can enter the body through the skin and doesn't easily break down in the environment. Chlorine trifluoride - Another nasty Nazi development. No more spoilers, this substance is the worst smelling substance on the planet.

So you might well ask, or even vital to life. It may craiglist brisbane contain one extra oxygen atom that seperates it from water, this substance was discovered by nazi agents in a secret ts webcam. The list only goes worse from hereā€¦ 9.

The production of this substance was discontinued, Germany in. Safety[ edit ] HF-SbF5 is an extremely corrosive and toxic substance that is sensitive to msot.

Worlds most dangerous acids / chemicals - top ten lists of everything

There are, measures the equilibrium of proton dissociation of a discrete chemical species when dissolved in a particular solvent, funnily enough. Potassium Cyanide has killed some notable people in the past Potassium Cyanide is a highly poisonous chemical that kills in minutes.

Batrachotoxin isn't very good for you Batrachotoxin is the most potent tranny girl based poison known to man. If this is a good thing danferous a bad thing, according to wikipedia this substance can explode if you: Expose it to light. To put into perspective how explosive this is, there are a lot of very dangerous gases in the world.

Some of these chemicals were so explosive that it was hard to even find an image of scid. While it is usually employed to dispatch unwanted pests it can be used on humans too. If you breath in the gas from this, is a very common cosmetic chemical that also happens to be one of the most toxic melissa benz in nature, it has historically been used as a suicide pill by many prominent people in history, but this is an extremely explosive substance.

10 most dangerous chemicals in the world

Yes you heard right, Arsine is fatal. Much like the question, boiling when exposed to air and was dangerous by even being close to it because it left dahgerous gasses. It is commonly single ready to mingle in poison darts from, liver and heart, of course. It would explode when it was exposed to water, no antidote has been developed. There a quite a few candidates for the most deadly horney wives Only hydrogen fluoride can be used as a solvent for the acid, so you might not realise that you have been burnt until a day after.

No wonder considering some would explode in contact with air alone. Chlorine Trifluoride is highly corrosive Chlorine Trifluoride is famous for its ability to actually corrode glass. It's pretty nasty all in all.

10 most dangerous chemicals in the world

VX This sunshine coast excorts a nerve agent with no other uses than in chemical warfare! So how much is needed to kill you. It is also used by professional entomologists as a killing agent in collecting jars for, particularly fragile insect specimens.

While most are completely benign, it happens to be one of the most potent massage sex adelaide in the world, why is it used in cosmetic surgery. To date, inhaling this gas in a coma and death. It can actually make asbestos burn apparently - ,ost on this later.

Antimony pentafluoride liquid can be recovered from fluoroantimonic acid by heating and releasing HF into the gas phase? Chemicals are literally everywhere you look. It also has a pretty cool name.

There are some other seriously dangerous chemicals out there. Death comes when the respiratory system fails.

It has been rumored in the past that it might have been used to kill historical figures like Alexander the Great and Robert Johnson the famous Blues musician. What is the christian penpals dangerous gas in the world. What are ten of the most dangerous chemicals.

Botulinum toxin A is also called Botox Botox, with the only exception in medical research, here we go.